Slurm job submission in Python

This package provides a thin Python layer on top of the Slurm workload manager for submitting Slurm batch scripts into a Slurm queue. Its core features are:

  • Python classes representing a Slurm batch script,
  • simple file transfer mechanism between shared file system and node,
  • macro support based on Python’s format specification mini-language,
  • JSON-encoding and decoding of Slurm batch scripts,
  • new submission command ssub,
  • successive submission of Slurm batch scripts, and
  • rescue of failed jobs.

This example shows how to submit a JSON-encoded Slurm batch script into a Slurm queue via ssub:

ssub submit --in pyssub_example.json --out pyssub_example.out

The JSON-encoded Slurm batch script pyssub_example.json has the following content:

   "pyssub_example": {
      "executable": "echo",
      "arguments": "'Hello World!'"

A more detailed introduction is given in the Getting started guide.


I have written this package because I was working with a small Slurm cluster during my PhD. This cluster was configured in a way that the easiest approach was to submit multiple single-task Slurm batch scripts instead of a single multi-task Slurm batch script containing multiple srun commands. The package reflects this approach and therefore does not have to be the best solution for your cluster.


This package is a pure Python 3 package (it requires at least Python 3.6) and does not depend on any third-party package. All releases are uploaded to PyPI and the newest release can be installed via

pip install pyssub

I would recommend to create a dedicated virtual Python 3 environment for the installation (e.g. via virtualenvwrapper):

source /usr/share/virtualenvwrapper/
mkvirtualenv -p /usr/bin/python3.6 -i pyssub py3-slurm

If you prefer to work with the newest revision, you can also install the package directly from GitHub:

pip install 'git+'


I welcome input from your side, either by creating issues or via pull requests. For the latter, please make sure that all unit tests pass. The unit tests can be executed via

python test


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